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Locus Jan
Jan Locus, born in Halle (Belgium), is an independent photographer based in Brussels. Works on personal projects and documentary assignments as well as for different Magazines and companies. Member of the photo collective Nadaar. He published 'Mongolia' in 2005 (Cypres/Fomu), which has been awarded with the Plantin-Moretus Prize for Best Art Book. For the Antwerp Museum of Photography he also published 'The Moving City' (1997, Pandora). Other documentary assignments: 'Dam' On the last days of the cattle market and abattoir in the old working class neighbourhood Dam (northern Antwerp). 'Voetsporen van devotie', processions in Flemish-Brabant (2008, Peeters) commissioned by the province of Flemish Brabant. In 2010 he was granted with the nikon Press Award in the category Stories for his work on Garbage City in Cairo.


-DS Weekblad
-De Standaard Magazine
-De Morgen
-De Tijd
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