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Mohadjerin Mashid
Mashid Mohadjerin was born in Tehran, Iran and grew up in Belgium, where she received her MFA in Photography in 2002. Mashid started freelancing for magazines and organizations in 2004 while working on personal photography projects. Mashid's personal projects focus on social/cultural identity and migration. She has worked as a photographer in Uganda, Kenya, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Russia, Tajikistan, India, Egypt and Morocco. She lived in Pakistan, Czech Republic, Belgium and The Netherlands. In 2007, she moved to New York, where she is based today. Publications: La Republica, BBC online, De Morgen (and Zeno, the weekend edition), Mondiaal magazine, Eos magazine, The Bulletin, Oxfam Magazins Du Monde, Glamit, Feeling, Goed Gevoel, Sarasota Magazine, among others


Awards, grants:
2008 Winner of International Talent Support Web Award, Italy
2008 PX3 Prix de la Photographie Honorable Mention, France
2007 Winner International Organization for Migration Photo Award, Central Asia
2004 Grant Winner from The Pascal Decroos Fund (fund for special journalistic projects, Belgium) for Palestinian camps in Lebanon
2004 Member of the film jury Festival Amnesty International 2004 in Belgium

2008 International Talent Support VII, Trieste, Italy
2007 Traveling IOM exhibition, Central Asia
2007 “Blowup,” Stay Gold Gallery, New York, USA
2007 Truth*Out, Revenge of the Real World, Turnhout, Belgium
2006 “Jour Fixe,” Factor 44, Antwerp, Belgium
2002 “Out of Control,” Eye-See Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
2002 “Confrontation,” Museum of Fine Art, Antwerp, Belgium

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