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Job Roger
Roger Job was born in 1969 in Spa. Since 2005, his pictures have been distributed through Reporters. His photos (Afghanistan, Bosnia, the Congo, Ethiopia, Kosovo, South Africa, Rwanda, the Philippines, Sierra Leone, Somalia, US, Zaire), for which he also writes copy, frequently appear in the Belgian and international press. He has published 5 books, including “Congo 2000, santé d’État - État de santé” and “Des hommes & des chevaux” (published by Luc Pire). His work has often been exhibited, specifically at the Museum of Photography in Charleroi (“Afriques”) and at the United Nations Security Council in New York (on the Congo).


In Belgium : Le Vif / L’Express, Knack,
De Morgen, The Bulletin,
Trends, Humo, La Libre
In France : Le Monde 2, Paris Match,
Le Point, VSD, Libération,
Le Courrier International,
Le Figaro Magazine, Elle,
Marie-Claire, L’Express,
Science et Vie, Jeune
Afrique, Photo Magazine,
Éditions Nathan, Gallimard,
In Holland : National Geographic
In Italy : La Repubblica, Elle
In Germany : Der Spiegel, Bunte
In UK : Sunday Telegraph, The
Observer, The Economist,
The Independent
In USA : Newsweek, Time,
National Geographic
In Hong Kong : Sunday Morning Post
In South Korea : GEO Magazine
In Spain : El Pais
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