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Supplying complete coverage has been one of Reporters’ flagships for a long time. Placing emphasis on the social, political and scientific fields, we cover such topics as the breeding of draught horses in the Ardennes, the destruction of traditional Chinese homes by the real estate industry in favour of office buildings or the tribulations of fashion designers in Senegal. Of course, we don’t forget to capture scoops either, in any field whatsoever. Everybody remembers the images of Sarah Fergusson getting her big toe tickled against the back of Prince Andrew. But very few people know that these pictures were actually taken by Reporters! However, there is one golden rule: light subject or not, we never sacrifice the quality of our photos on the altar of sensationalism. And to flesh out our stories from head to… toe, we can supply, upon request, high-quality journalistic texts translated in the language of your choice.