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It can be taken inside or outside, with natural or artificial light, as a close-up or as a long shot, in a studio or on location. Whether it is intended for magazines demanding creative settings in order to highlight other facets of artists, writers or television stars; or whether targeting companies that order more classic portraits of their CEOs, managers or executives for the purpose of illustrating company brochures, balance sheets and annual reports… the portrait shot has long occupied a prominent place in the world of photography.


  • Dirven Tim
  • Dupuis Constant
  • Gouverneur Michel
  • Gys Danny
  • Kets Jimmy
  • Thys John
  • Van der Eecken Christophe
  • Hannes Nick
  • Cuypers Fabienne
  • Van Mol Bob
  • Vande Voorde Johannes
  • Polet Olivier
  • Carpentier Yves
  • Deprez Claire
  • Waegemans Madelien
  • Landemard Nicolas
  • Franz Hans
  • Beeckman Stijn
  • Herchaft Eric
  • Bockstaele Johan
  • Dirkx Jorge
  • Schroeder Alain
  • Broze Pascal
  • De Wilde Julien
  • DYOD
  • Studio Image (3 photographers)
  • Dethier Yves
  • Droeshaut Olivia
  • Locus Jan
  • Du Bois Thierry
  • Termonia Debby