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Lifestyle 1

This specialty, which involves photographing people in a wide range of everyday situations, requires a working method closely resembling that of a film director. Indeed, photos that capture everyday life imply the use of models, as well as precise and rigorous casting according to the roles to be played and, last but not least, location scouting in order to find the perfect spot allowing the scenes to blend into reality. Next, a stylist performs a final check of the life-like nature of the situations while putting the finishing touch to the silhouette. All of these parameters have led the Reporters team to develop an extensive network of shooting locations stretching from Brussels, over Miami and Cape Town, to Buenos Aires.

Lifestyle 1

  • Deprez Claire
  • Verpoorten Marc
  • Schroeder Alain
  • Broze Pascal
  • De Wilde Julien
  • DYOD
  • Studio Image (3 photographers)
  • Dethier Yves
  • Droeshaut Olivia