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The globalisation of the means of communication, the omnipresence of television and “starification”have caused a considerable evolution in the way photojournalists work. The only photographers who will succeed in this field in the future are those who decide to depict current affairs in a different and visually original way; and those who devote themselves to long-term investigations in order to reveal new aspects of society. In a bid to attract attention or to develop special points of view, the photojournalists of Reporters have always favoured these kinds of peculiar approaches.


  • Dirven Tim
  • Gouverneur Michel
  • Gys Danny
  • Job Roger
  • Kets Jimmy
  • Thys John
  • Van der Eecken Christophe
  • Van de Vel Jan
  • Hannes Nick
  • Van Mol Bob
  • Vande Voorde Johannes
  • Polet Olivier
  • Mohadjerin Mashid
  • Waegemans Madelien
  • Voeten Teun
  • Landemard Nicolas
  • Franz Hans
  • Beeckman Stijn
  • Herchaft Eric
  • De Graaf Anne
  • Dirkx Jorge
  • Schroeder Alain
  • De Bock Leo
  • Locus Jan
  • Du Bois Thierry
  • Termonia Debby