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Industry & Technology

Taken mostly on location (factory premises, factory interiors with assembly lines, manufacturing processes, procedure descriptions, metrology, quality control…), these photographs are used for publicity purposes to illustrate balance sheets, annual reports or other documents, in fields of activity as diverse as the chemical industry, the oil industry, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, electricity, electronics, transport, logistics, plastics, the food-processing industry, information technology, banking, insurance, the automotive industry, construction, graphic design, publishing and textiles.

Industry & Technology

  • Dirven Tim
  • Dupuis Constant
  • Gys Danny
  • Thys John
  • Van der Eecken Christophe
  • Deprez Claire
  • Franz Hans
  • Herchaft Eric
  • Bockstaele Johan
  • Schroeder Alain
  • Broze Pascal
  • Studio Image (3 photographers)
  • Termonia Debby